Students, working in pairs are given a text or watch a video etc, along with:

  • ' Summary cards' which purport to summarise key points from the text, some of which are true and some of which are false: e.g.
    •  The left ventricle feeds the lung
    •  Heart rate is measured in beats per minute, and if you are very fit your heart rate will probably be lower than average.

Consequences cards' which state consequences of the facts given in the text.
These consequences are not actually stated in the text itself. Again some are true and some false E.g.
•  If you blocked the left ventricle no blood would get to the head
•  Furring of the arteries would usually raise blood pressure.

The pairs of students must decide which cards are correct, and what is wrong with the incorrect ones.

This is a greatly enjoyed activity with the atmosphere of a game.