Peer explaining

Students in pairs are given two related texts about topics that have not been explained to them, for example one about measles and another about mumps. They each study one of these alone for say 5 minutes. Alternatively they could use the same text/video etc, but look at different aspects of it. For example students could watch a video or read a text on the marketing policy of a small company, and one student could look out for strengths in the policy and another for weaknesses. Each student explains their topic to the other who asks questions until they understand. Integrative task: The pair then works together at a task that requires them to work together on both topics. A useful question for this is to ask students to “State what is the same, and what is different about measles and mumps.” Or “Considering both strengths and weaknesses, what do you think of the marketing policy? How could strengths be built upon, and weaknesses addressed?”